The Only 4 Things You Need When Traveling

Hey there friends, it’s been awhile. As many of you know, I boarded a foreign jet and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. While my time here has been nothing short of amazing, I should’ve listened to my dad when he told me to downsize my luggage. I packed two, large suitcases filled with clothes, shoes and toiletries and luckily had my brother’s help to carry these items from place to place.


Two weeks into my adventure, I realized that I didn’t even touch one of the suitcases. Pissed and drowning in luggage, I asked my boyfriend to take one of my suitcases with him to Brazil; my next destination. His kind heart actually took one, so I have some weight off of my shoulders, literally.

Realizing I brought too much sh*t was not the time when I figured out what the only things you need traveling abroad were. No, it wasn’t until this past weekend, when I traveled to the wine country, Mendoza, Argentina, packing all of my items into one backpack. This was an astronomical triumph for me if you know me at all, but I did it! So my realization comes, and I decided I should give you an update of what you truly need when traveling abroad. I hope to save you some time, money and frustration if you’re planning to hop on any jet.

Clothes, obv ~ Before leaving the United States, I downsized my closet hard. Although I still had four 40-gallon bins filled with winter gear, shoes, business casual fits, more shoes, etc., to leave behind in my hometown, I tried my hardest to only IMG_2702back the essentials. These are the essentials: Super basic, interchangeable,
casual outfits (about one per week you are staying); obviously undergarments; one or two belts if you plan to lose some weight; a couple clubbing outfits and one pair of heels; a couple workout outfits; two good pairs of tennis shoes (you will probably walk around a lot); a few pairs of sandals; and that is it. Little did I know that coming to Argentina at the end of their winter would be surprisingly chilly. I ended up wearing the same three outfits for this entire first month. And you know what? I am still kicking.

Toiletries ~ You know, your poos, dishes, lotions, brushes, clips. I consider myself a toiletry hoarder, so when I have to pack for vacations, these items take up half my IMG_2706suitcase. I recommend researching the prices of your favorite items before boarding the plane. Brand-name products, such as Cetaphil and Dove, are a lot cheaper in the United States, so save yourself some money by buying in bulk before arriving (if you plan to stay longer than one month). It’s kind of a pain in the arse, lugging everything abroad, but the price difference is almost unbelievable (Your average 20 floz of Cetaphil lotion, around $10 in the U.S., runs at about 300 pesos, which converts to around $30… ridiculous!) Stock up on your favorite makeups as well, as prices are almost quadruple, especially here in South America.

Electronics ~ If you are a photo guru like myself, you must bring every type of camera on your trip abroad. The Canon Rebel, the GoPro, your iPhone 6; along with their chargers, extra chargers, memory cards, headphones and cases. Electronics, and their subparts, are extremely expensive here, so take care of your cameras/phones and take a million/billion pictures! I would also recommend bringing an outlet converter if you are a worry-ward. Bring your laptop as well, to back up your pictures and videos, and invest in a reliable online backup software that saves as you upload. If something were to happen to your media, it’s settling to know that you haven’t lost everything.

Documents ~ Save yourself the stress and do your research ahead of time. See what countries require fees or visas, and get them taken care of in your own country. You’d hate to arrive in a Spanish speaking country and try to figure out how to get a Brazilian visa. Find out what immunizations you need, get any travel insurance documentation, and scan all of your documents. Use Google Drive to save everything so you are just one click away from any of your personal information.

Narrowing down your suitcase and realizing what you do and don’t need before traveling is something I wish I told myself before departing the United States. It has become a hassle to move everything, and if you’re traveling alone, it’s even more of a burden. Plan, prepare, pack appropriately and have yourself a stress-free adventure!



Happy Birthday to my Blog! ~ Expansion with GVE

For those of you who have been following my blog, I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my writing and share with those around you. It has made me more passionate about expanding my blog and finding new ways to grab the attention of my viewers…and this week marks one year since I began!

As well as NFAB, I have been working with Global Village Extra, an online magazine that covers news from all over, both internationally and locally. I have had the pleasure of being the main columnist on this page, where I write about topics from racism to abuse to love and relationships. With my stats booming on my column Talk to Angie, I have decided to begin sharing with you my posts via Notes From a Banjo and promote Global Village Extra in this process.

This past week’s topic: Using Things Against One Another: How Can One Let Go Of The Past.

Let me know what you all think and thank you again for your support on my personal blog. As my life becomes a little more exciting and adventurous, I will continue to post…so stay tuned for some international spice!


How to ~ not catch the sickness

As the days get cooler and my countdown gets smaller, I know autumn and winter are making their way to Wisconsin. Although I won’t be here this winter (deuces Midwest), I do want to give you some tips on how I stayed healthy the entire winter last year!!! Not once did I get a cold that lasted more than a week and ever since then, I began these habits and using these products to keep me healthy while the rest of you are hacking up a lung.

  • Use the right products~ These four products I use to stay healthy and unstuffed are the following, and literally, life savers:
    1. Wal-itin (cheaper version of Claritin) for any sort of allergy. I recently began developing these God awful allergies, so this has definitely been a life saver for me! You can get Wal-itin at Walgreens, or another antihistamine at any drug store!
    2. Zicam is best used when you have any tingle of sickness. When I begin to feel a scratchy throat brewing or wake up stuffy, I buy a bottle of these magic meltables and take them proactively until I feel better. Usually if I take them the proper way, my sickness gets caught before it reaches my entire body, and doesn’t come back! I’m not sure what’s in this medicine, but boy does it work wonders!
    3. EmergenC or Airborne should be used almost every day in the cold season. It gives you a boost of energy and Vitamin C to keep the airborne sickness away and your body ready to fight off illness.
    4. Black/Green Tea not only has hundreds of health benefits, it helps kick out sickness as well!
  • Hydrate~ One of the most important keys to staying healthy is staying hydrated! Consistently consuming water throughout your days and weeks really makes a difference to your overall health. Not only does it give you energy and stamina for your workouts, it flushes out your system of all the bacteria and sickness that is traveling through your body. Doctors recommend 6-8 glasses/water bottles per day, but don’t feel like you need to be chugging constantly. I use a 24 ounce water bottle and try to consume at least five bottles per day.
  • Practice healthy habits~ Besides constant hydration, sleep the intended amount of hours for your age, stop believing the dip sh*ts and get your flu shot, sanitize knobs, handles, electronic devices and for God’s sake, wash your hands after using the bathroom, cooking, coughing into your hands, etc. Getting my free flu shot at work, sleeping eight hours per night, sneezing into my arm instead of my hand have really helped me stay healthy throughout the flu season.
  • Exercise at the right times~ Keep your body healthy by exercising and bumping that metabolism up. If you are a healthy person, you will have a better chance of fighting a sickness quickly. But if you are already sick, don’t work out! You will use all the energy you have on a workout that there will be none left over for fighting the sickness!

I am proud to say that last winter, I did not get sick. It wasn’t until the spring that I began feeling bad, which I later found out that I had developed allergies. My advice to everyone this flu season is to make sure you have the proper medicines and remedies to take care of your body. If you don’t take care of yourself, the evil flu demons definitely won’t take care of you!

Stay healthy and warm people — I will be doing both! 😉

Power Foods

You are what you eat. Probably the most generic and clichéd phrase about eating healthy/dieting. What makes it even more bothersome is that it’s a true statement. After mowing down two pieces of red velvet cake, I awoke the next morning feeling as if I was a slice of red velvet cake. Feeling like a sugary, carbohydrate loaded block for an entire day is not enjoyable – I would rather feel like an avocado.

Before I start rambling on about foods I want to be and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (see this movie and you will understand), I personally think it’s important to discuss everyday eating habits. For those of you who are in their early 20s, can consistently drink alcohol, eat Cheetos and not work out, but are still mysteriously skinny, kudos to you. After you pop a few children out, you will gain weight like the rest of us, and appreciate my diet tips.

Torturing yourself with cleanses and starvation are only going to hurt you in the long run – you will age fast and probably die before the healthy ones. Seeing results both physically and mentally, takes a very long time. It means taking the motivation you have on a given day and running with it, literally or figuratively. Reminding yourself of your goals daily, and making that motivation into a habit. That habit, over time, will turn into a lifestyle, and you will forever be a healthy, sexy, human being. But, it is easier said than done.

One thing I learned while attempting a lifestyle change is that you have to learn to limit yourself to food. Don’t starve yourself, just limit yourself. Don’t eat unless your stomach is growling. If your stomach is growling, chug water and see if that helps (hint: most of the time it does). Don’t go to the grocery store hungry – you WILL buy banana split ice cream and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos. Yes, those are real and God’s gift from heaven, but super bad for you. (I hope my previous purchases aren’t making you crave these horribly processed foods. Just try to think about all of the insects that probably fall into the Oreo batter).

Any who, here are some nutrient-packed, unprocessed super foods that will help you get full, stay full, and inevitably lose weight: Pomegranates, walnuts, broccoli, whole grains, cinnamon, dark chocolate, avocado, dark leafy greens, wild salmon, green tea.

All of the foods listed above could easily make up a daily diet, with a lot of flexibility in recipes. Substituting these foods for other poultry, fruits and vegetables are okay too, because who seriously likes the taste of kale besides, well, no one. Below is a chart of perfectly acceptable foods to replace if you do not like my power list above.

Power Food Acceptable replacement
Pomegranates Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana. Make smoothies or juice with these fruits, or just pop them into a Ziploc bag for convenience.
Walnuts Plain, unsalted, uneverything almonds, cashews, pecans, etc.
Broccoli Carrots, green peppers, asparagus, squash, zucchini.
Whole grains There is no replacement to whole grains. Every carb you eat should be 100% whole grain, or refrain from eating it. There are many breads, noodles, chips and snacks are made 100% whole grain, you just have to know what to look for.
Cinnamon Cayenne pepper, but I’d much rather have cinnamon.
Dark Chocolate No chocolate.
Avocado If you aren’t a fan of avs, you need to start being one. It is barely noticeable in a salad, sandwich or wrap, and if you don’t like guacamole, you are insane. Avs have multiple benefits through consumption.
Dark leafy greens (This includes spinach, kale, collards, turnip greens, chard, lettuce) These greens are vital to your health. You should at least try eating some kind of green veggie for at least 2+ meals a day. If you are anything like me, you probably have a juicer, which is where you can put some of these veggies so that you consume them without tasting them. It is great – I mix all of my kale into the juicer with apples, oranges and carrots, and it tastes great! If you don’t have a juicer, try adding lettuce to your everyday food items. Wraps, lunch meat sandwiches all can have dark leafy greens and other vegetables added to them and still taste great. Eggs with spinach, tomatoes and onions are also a very filling meal, instead of cheese and salt.
Wild Salmon Any lean meat – chicken, turkey, other fish that is made by you to avoid other unwanted additives. I am not a huge fan of fish, so I eat a lot of chicken/turkey to get the source of protein I need.
Green tea Water. Green tea has an uncountable amount of benefits for your health, and can be consumed hot or on ice. Either preference, drinking green tea should be a habit to start.

I hope this helps you like it has helped me. Obviously these foods will help you lose weight and feel better. But, pairing this with consistent exercise will really make you see results faster! I have been combining these foods throughout my work-week and having one cheat day where I can drink and eat Ian’s Pizza on the weekend. I have been slowly seeing results, and that is motivation enough to make my habits a lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started in these habits, and sometimes life gets in the way and your healthiness is derailed. But don’t get discouraged! Keep motivating yourself and surround yourself with people who share similar goals with you!

Ladies and the Gym: Q&A

Ladies, what are your reasons for hitting up the gym on a regular basis? Are you trying to get a good workout in, find a man, or just judge everyone around you? The reason I write those last two possibilities, is because when I go to the gym, I feel a large black cloud of judgmental b*tches hanging over my head.

When I decide to workout, I look busted af to say the least. I’m not trying to impress anyone and their mom because I simply do not care what people think of me… especially in a sweat zone. I’m in the gym to burn cals, not stare at other women. I rarely wear my glasses or contacts so I’m literally blind, but unfortunately can feel when someone is looking at me. There is one main reason to grace a gym with your presence, and that is to work out. So ladies, answer these questions for me, because y’all are crazy:

Why are you blatantly comparing yourself to others? If anything, we should join together and motivate one another to lead a healthy lifestyle. Instead, when I’m on the treadmill, I catch girls looking at my settings and changing theirs to match or beat mine… I just don’t get it. This isn’t a workout competition and if you want it to be one, you should’ve joined the track and field team, where you can spend every Saturday morning competing against other women.

Why are you wearing eyelashes? It really just doesn’t make sense. I get that people don’t have a lot of time to fit the gym into their day, but that is why they have created makeup wipes. I can always count on someone coming to the gym with a full set of makeup, just trying to look cute.

When you clearly have no clue what you’re doing, why aren’t you asking questions? If you see another women doing some sort of exercise that you want to try, go up to her!! Don’t stand there and act like you know what you’re doing (because let’s face it, you don’t), and go make a new friend. You never know, you could learn something new and have found a workout buddy!

Why are you judging? No matter what, do not judge other girls in the gym. If you and another girl are in the gym, you probably both already have some of the same goals in mind! It’s never healthy to make fun of someone for leading a healthy lifestyle, we should always, ALWAYS cheer them on.

Why aren’t you cleaning up after yourself? Whether it’s leaving your puddle of sweat on a mat or leaving weights all over the place, both are equally annoying. They have those moist towelettes provided for a reason, and that reason is so we don’t catch each other’s nasty azz germs. Leaving your dumbbells all over the gym is just as lazy; didn’t your mom teach you how to clean up after yourself?

What’s with the stench? Please, please wear deodorant before going to the gym. It may not personally have an effect you, but it does have an effects on those around you. Same goes for too much perfume…it’s horrible and nauseating to inhale a large whiff of any strong scent.

Ok girls, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you need to get it together in the gym… Go what you came there to do… G3+ SW0LL n J@CK3D.

F*ck You Chris Brown

I have fury in my veins as I write this post. When I first heard about and saw proof of the Rihanna | Chris Brown incident, I was so mortified that someone so famous would punch another super famous person in the face…Probably not the smartest move in the world, but Jesus… he let her have it. It sickens me whenever I hear about anyone getting physically abused by their significant other and it scares me that there are people in the world who would actually lay their hands on a woman.

So after this whole thing, I was so mad, and I promised myself I would not listen to or pay for any songs that Chris Brown put out on the radio, but maybe just illegally download them if they were poppin. The underlying problem/question truly is: WHY ARE CHRIS BROWN’S SONG SO FLAME??????? (If you are not sure what the term “flame” means, urban dictionary).

It just bothers me that someone so ethically evil can produce such good songs… like I’m legitimately pissed. But really, who can deny a good song? Rihanna seems to have gotten over this whole scuffle, so maybe I should too.

For this Jamz of the Day, I will provide you with CBreezayy’s best; you know, the song you play over 192 times over the course of one weekend? Yes, those:

  • Ayo – Feat. Tyga
  • Beat It – Feat. Sean Kingston x Wiz Khalifa
  • Dueces Remix – Feat. Drake x T.I. x Kanye West x Fabolous x Andre 3000
  • Do It Again – Feat. Pia Mia x Tyga
  • Don’t Wake Me Up
  • Freeze – Feat. T-Pain
  • Love More – Feat. Nicki Minaj
  • Loyal – Feat. Lil Wayne x Tyga
  • New Flame – Feat. Usher x Rick Ross
  • Post to Be – Feat. Jhene Aiko x Omarion
  • Show Me – Feat. Kid Ink
  • Yeah 3X
  • Yo (Excuse Me Miss) – Feat. Tyga

I can’t even… If I’m witcha this weekend, please add these to your playlist. 

Disclaimer: My taste is music is extremely random. I like artists in all genres, from Atmosphere to One Direction to The Maine to Katy Perry to Goo Goo Dolls to Lecrae to Owl City to Black Eyed Peas to randos like Dashboard Confessional and even sh*tty rappers like Weezy and Nicki Minaj. My melodious palette has no limits! Keep tuning in even if songs are different from your tastes.


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Stirring the pot with some controversy

Opinions are opinions for a reason, because they are personal ideologies we form about something, which does not necessarily mean we know all of the facts or have all of the knowledge. After reviewing some of the most disputable topics in America, I would love to address a few, and encourage you to argue with me…I love a lil controversy. The percentages reflect how many people in America are for or against these topics:

  • Abortion – 52% PRO – I know this topic can cause a lot of outrage due to ethical and religious reasons, but if we are going to argue anything that has to do with religion, we can all agree that God sees sin as sin, no matter the degree. Murder and adultery, both horrible, but both sin in God’s eyes. Who are you to say at what caliber sin is measured? You aren’t, because you aren’t God…Unless you’re Kanye West (mtf kidding!!). Ok so abortion… I don’t think it’s anyone’s business but the parties involved when it comes to abortion. I think it should be illegal to harass the citizens of America with your screaming and waving pictures of dead fetuses because you personally wouldn’t want an abortion. I am strongly pro-choice, but I believe there should be some sort of limit so people don’t use abortions as birth control. If you got raped and pregnant by some psychopathic lunatic, would you really want to have or put a child up for adoption when is father was a psychopathic lunatic? I wouldn’t want my child to 1. Have psychopathic tendencies based on their unfortunate DNA, 2. Put my child up for adoption, and 3. Ruin my beautiful body with all things pregnancy because I got raped. I get it, every child deserves a chance and is considered a human when the heart starts beating, but again, it is no one’s business but the people involved. Some people are not ready, some people would be horrible parents, and some people need to start controlling their own life instead of attempting to control someone else’s. 
  • Death Penalty – 51% PRO – I’m sorry, but how is this not a higher percentage??? If you purposely cut someone’s life short, you should die…simple as that. You don’t deserve to suck on the teet of American tax payers and live a functioning, comfortable life in prison, you should suffer a death similar to the innocent one you took.
  • Drug Legalization – 52% PRO – I think there are major proactive steps towards drug legalization. Many states have already began legalizing marijuana and it’s only going to escalate from there. I believe that all drugs are bad for you, but marijuana is literally the one drug that is (in most cases) grown from the ground and not altered with other man-made substances. I really don’t think they should be locking people away in jail because they were selling or carrying some pot. Legalize it, tax the living sh*t out of it, and reap the economic benefits of an already prevalent drug. All other man made drugs are bound to become legal as well, it’s just a matter of time. But all in all, if someone wants to get their hands on an illegal drug, there’s not too much someone can do to stop them.
  • Gay Marriage – 71% PRO – I don’t even want to discuss this one because it’s so outlandishly foolish that there are actual bans on this. America is known for its ‘freedom’ but we are bordered by laws that ban something as sacred as love. Gay isn’t a choice, love is love, and mind your own d@mn business. Someone could marry a f*cking banana for all I care. Again, it’s their life, not yours.
  • Gun Laws – 68% PRO – Personal protection is something that is important to me, and everyone. I believe in a system that allows the purchase of fire arms, but I think they should be a little more strict with who is able to purchase a firearm. People with a background including many police encounters, violence, criminal actions, mental illness, etc. should not be allowed to obtain these types of licenses unless they have proven there sanity (something along the lines of that). Ultimately, if a psycho wants to get their hands on a gun and open fire in a public area, he will find a way to do it. 

Ultimately, If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. If you don’t like the death penalty, don’t put yourself in the position to get punished. If you don’t like drugs, don’t do them. If you don’t like gay marriages, don’t get one. If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one. If you don’t like your rights being taken away, don’t try and take away the rights of someone else.

bom dia.

How to ~ find happiness when it seems impossible

This life we live can be so unbelievably incredible, yet so unwarrantedly difficult. You can meet people who bring out the best in you, or people that make you want to pull your hair out. You have people who you consider friends, but they can screw you over time and time again, making it hard to determine who is truly by your side. And it’s also crazy, there are people you meet who leave this lasting impression on your heart and mind that you won’t ever forget, then you have the people who you knew, but with time, forgot even existed.

In a short but blunt way, this life can kind of suck. It constantly presents you with hardships and failure and when everything is going your way, a curveball of negativity comes to test you. It’s all about the test. Those who fail those tests lead miserable lives. But those who pass these tests develop a robust forte that prepares them for anything.

So why do good things happen to bad people? And how are we supposed to live a fulfilling life when we’re battered with hardship? Here is what I try to do, even though I can be a little bit of a complainer at times….

Think of the positives in a negative situation: Unfortunately growing up when you’re not a super model causes you some serious anguish. People bully you, make fun of how you look, say rude things when they’re drunk. Not only has this happened to me, but I have heard it happen to multiple other people very consistently. To all of these bullies, rude commentators and drunks, grow up. There is no point of going through life reflecting your personal problems via harsh words. And those victims, you just have to learn how to stay positive. One technique that really helps me through this type of negativity is reflecting on times where people have said wonderful things about me. For example, if someone calls me ugly, I just think about a time where someone called my beautiful or perfect, and try to focus all my attention on that. Once you have thought about something positive, the negative feelings truly disappear! This also works when life gets tough and you think about all of the blessings in your life! If you can breathe, there is no reason to complain!

Appreciate the little things: After growing up in a home where I was taught the value of money, yet still kind of spoiled, it is sometimes hard for me to appreciate the little things in life. As I get older and live in the moment, I have learned that the little things in life are some of the best feelings in the world! Going boating on a lake, laying out by the ocean, someone giving you a random compliment, the first bite of an In-n-Out burger, floating in a pool, kissing a boy you care about. All of these little things in life are the most enjoyable when we get off our technology and take in all that is beautiful.

Don’t dwell, learn from your mistakes: Sometimes it’s really hard to overcome something that set you back. Instead of dwelling on the past, learn from it! Like Hannah Montana said in her song (before Miley did a bunch of drugs and went nuts), everybody makes mistakes, and nobody’s perfect. As corny as that Disney Channel show was, it is true. You’re truly holding yourself back if you can’t move on from your mistakes and learn how to overcome obstacles. Not only does this include your own mistakes, but mistakes your old friends have made that effected you. When a friend does something to backstab you, of course it is normal to feel angry at the time, but holding onto a grudge takes so much more energy than just letting it go…believe me. For old friends who have screwed me over, stolen from me, slandered my name, I am just over it. I don’t care anymore. All I know is that I don’t want that person to be my friend, and they’ve lost their chance to be close again. Instead of dwelling on what they did to me, I will be cordial if I have to see them, but know they won’t be a big part of my life again.

Find out what life means to you: Everyone in this entire world is completely different. Everyone has different goals, aspirations and realities. But one thing that we all can agree upon is the fact that we all want to find something meaningful in this life. Whether it be an amazing job, building a new family, traveling the world, or finding love…everyone has something that makes them want to be on this earth. Personally, I have multiple different ideas of what life means to me. I want to teach people, create things, take pictures and find someone to share this happiness with. But my perception of what life means to me consistently changes. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know right now, you have your whole life to figure it out.

I don’t always write out my thoughts just for the hell of it. I like to think I can, in some way, help other people who are dispirited or going through a difficult time. If you’re struggling, know you aren’t the only one. Everyone is going through something in their life, whether they express it or not. Don’t feel embarrassed about reaching out to those around you in a time of need, you may never know who is out there waiting to vent as well.

I will never forget a time where a new friend pulled me aside to ask if I was doing okay. She told me that I looked saddened and that I wasn’t being myself. At the time I was in a bad place, and when I confided in her, she confided in me. She made me rethink everything and was one of the main people to help me get through this tough time (even though I had just met her!). You never know what advice you will get, what stories you will hear and how your mentality will change when you step out of your comfort zone…just take that leap.

Besos amigos ~~~~~ anjo

Dos and Don’ts of Birthday Celebrations

I would like to begin this blog by wishing all of the people who share this day with me a happy birthday. It’s ridiculous how many people I know that are born on August 4th. Anyways, I think it is important for everyone celebrating an August birthday to do something outdoorsy with the people you love. Below are some do’s and don’ts that I have learned over the years while preparing for my birthday festivities.

Do: Plan your birthday exactly how you want it. I’ve learned over the years that if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Don’t: Count on anyone to babysit you. They will get too drunk to carry you, and drop you head-first into a garage door, cracking your skull open and giving you an eternal eyebrow dent.

Do: Something fun in the sun if you have a summer birthday!

Don’t: Do a power hour with Franzia wine and expect to have a fun-filled birthday bonfire afterwards. It will not work, you will black out, and you will throw up beside a tree.

Do: Gather all of your friends for a nice birthday dinner/celebration/chill on the hill.

Don’t: Feel required to take every shot given to you. You will be in bed by 11:30 pm.

Do: Wear something to remind people it is your birthday and bring your posse of girlfriends to help you celebrate.

Don’t: Make yourself too much the center of attention. You don’t want creeps approaching you without your backup of b*tches.

Do: Eat whatever your heart desires. Whether it be Ian’s Pizza and/or that dank ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Don’t: Let your friends feed you Gardettos when you deserve your pizza slice.

Do: Choose a delicious restaurant to have your birthday dinner at…if dad’s payin’

Don’t: Be a complete diva and order the restaurant, no matter who is paying.

Do: Make it a goal to do something relaxing on your birthday. Whether it be a massage, mani/pedi or a 2-hour nap; your birthday doesn’t have to be just about partying.

Don’t: Tell your boyfriend you will drive him to the airport at 1 am after your birthday has commenced. You will be tired, depressed that he is leaving, and it just isn’t a good birthday gift.

I hope anyone with a birthday in the best month of the year enjoys all the endless possibilities this month has to offer. The weather is usually great, the people are usually happy because it is summer, and you can’t ever regret ice cream cake.


Milwaukee Summer ~ Chill on the Hill

Wow. Hello. Do you remember when I used to blog?

To any of my peeps who have been following my blog and I just left you hanging…my sincerest apologizes. Sometimes life just gets a little too crazy for me to jot down all of my thoughts on a computer, and instead I write random, half-blogs for which I named “scratch” on a Word document.

Anyways, let’s get back on track. There has been so much going on in my life this past month and I am finally feeling capable of blogging weekly again. I have quit my full-time job, obtained two, new, part-time jobs in downtown Milwaukee and have been extremely busy with other freelance work. The summer is flying by so fast, and I am excited for these new opportunities.

But one thing I always make my number one priority is staying social with my friends. With so many events going on in Milwaukee, it’s so easy to get together with new and old friends, listen to live music, eat, and be merry.

It is my last summer in Milwaukee and I have decided to make the most out of my limited time here. My new series, Milwaukee Summer, will provide you with ideas to fill your summer nights, free events in and around the city of Milwaukee, and my personal opinion/review of these activities…enjoy!


One of the more underrated events in Milwaukee, more particularly, Bay View, is an event every Tuesday night called Chill on the Hill. Around 6pm each Tuesday, you can gather your friends, a picnic basket, a cooler of alcohol and a blanket and literally “chill on the hill” in Humboldt Park. This event is similar to Jazz in the Park, except it is a lot more comfortable, safe and *chill*. Basically, the cops don’t surround the area, you can bring in any food/drink you want to the park, and you can talk with 40 year olds who have the cutest dogs on the planet….amiright?


Along with the live music, where most of the artists are from surrounding cities, they have food stands from local vendors and alcohol available for purchase.

Yesterday was my first Chill on the Hill, and definitely not my last. Every Tuesday from 6 – 8:30 pm, until the end of August, grab your friends, wine, cheese, quilts and hit up the Humboldt Park Band Chalet…

For more information, visit the informational page on Bay View’s website…and come help me celebrate my 23rd birthday there on Tuesday, August 4th! Gifts/food are more than welcome